A Note To Parents About Communion

At Meadowland Church we love families! The fastest growing area of ministry at Meadowland Church is the nursery! Recently we had the opportunity to dedicate seven young children and as of today there are at least three women who are currently pregnant at Meadowland Church. 

We are passionate about walking alongside families on their spiritual journey and believe everything we do from the time a child is born should be aimed at leading them to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   As parents, everything you do matters. Every kiss, hug, every warm embrace, our laughter, our care, our setting of boundaries, our discipline, our mercy – all should be communicating who God is and what He is like to our children. 

There are a lot of tough questions we parents face as we raise our children.  One of those questions is:  When should my child take communion? 

This has become an important question as we have made the decision to offer communion during the beginning portion of our Sunday services, when children are present.  As your children watch you take communion on Sunday, sooner or later they may ask you questions or wonder how they can get in on the “monthly snack.” 

At Meadowland we believe communion is a significant act in which we remember Jesus’ perfect life and sinless body (represented by unleavened bread),  and His redemptive sacrifice and blood that paid the price for our sins (represented by grape juice) while anticipating his Triumphant return. Jesus gives this ordinance to His disciples (Luke 22:19-20), as a way to remember what He did for us. 

When people ask me about children taking communion, I share with them the same principles we share on Sunday morning in the communion service.

The first is that our communion services are open to all present, including children, who:

– trust in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of their sins and the fulfillment of all   His promises to us (including eternal life); and

– who intend to follow Him as Lord and obey His commandments 

Therefore, children are welcome to participate in the Lord’s Supper:

– when they can understand its significance

– when they are able to give a credible profession of faith in Christ

– and when they consciously intend to follow the Lord in obedience 

We believe you know your child best and have the most insight on where your child is at on their spiritual journey, so we leave this decision of “is my child ready?”, up to you.  

With a Father’s Heart,


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