Sunday Rewind 5.17.15- Jonah Goes, God Saves

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Here are a couple highlights from Sunday from Redemption Church, in Belvidere Il. 

  1. I am really thankful for the great people I get to serve alongside every week.  There is something incredibly motivating and satisfying about working together as a team and accomplishing goals together.  I am impressed with how quickly our team transforms Belvidere Central Middle School into worship space each week.  I am especially thankful this week, as we had a bunch of technical issues to deal with.  Thankfully we were able to get the “kinks” worked out before the service.  It was frustrating, it was hard work, but we got it done as a TEAM!
  2. Our worship team had some fun and started the five minute countdown by playing the chorus of Blondie’s, “One Way Or Another”.   I admit, some the the lyrics from this song are a little creepy, however the chorus reminds us that God is a God who relentlessly pursues people who are far from Him.  God even goes after those, like Jonah, who run from Him. 
  3. I love our Children’s Ministry.  A mom told me on Sunday that her children make sure they are planning to go to church each week, because they do not want to miss it! That PUMPS ME UP!
  4. Personally, I am really enjoying and growing through the study on Jonah.  Jonah chapter 3 reminds us that like Jonah God has sent us to the people around us to spread the good news of the Gospel.  God Sends, We Go, God Saves.
  5. On Sunday, I challenged everyone (including myself) to have three spiritual conversations this week. Invite someone to church, share your testimony, share the Gospel, just look for opportunities to share. Remember, God has placed you strategically where you are to bring the hope of the Gospel!

If you want to learn more, check out the sermon from this Sunday at Redemption Church ONLINE or on iTunes. 


Oh, yeah – don’t forget this Sunday (5.24) after church we are heading to Belvidere Park for a picnic after our worship gathering. Pack a lunch, come hang out, and let the kids play, while we have an opportunity to hang out and connect. For more info, check out Redemption Church Online –

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