2 Questions To Ask When Reading The Book Of Acts

I decided to “blow the dust” off of my blog, mainly because I am really excited about the series we just began at Redemption Church call Jesus and We.  My hope is that the blog will serve as an avenue to help us get the most out of our study on the book of Acts.

Last week we began our study on the book of Acts by walking through Acts 1:1-11. If you missed it, or wanted to hear it again you can listen online.  On Sunday I invited everyone at Redemption Church to begin reading a chapter of Acts a week.   This week I challenge you to read both Acts 1 and Acts 2.

The book of Acts can be a little tricky to read, so I wanted to help us get the most out of our time reading the scriptures, and provide you with 2 questions to ask as you walk through the book of Acts.

The book of Acts is Descriptive.  Luke, who wrote the book of Acts under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, will at times give us a historical account of what is happening in the lives the Apostles, describe the Church as it was, and give us accounts of what is happening as the Gospel is preached, the kingdom of God is expanded, and churches are planted.

The book of Acts is also Prescriptive. The scriptures in Acts do not just tell us what happened, they also tell us what to do.  The book of Acts reminds us of what happened in the early church, but also tells us what the church should be today.  There will be times we read the scriptures in Acts, but there will be more times the scriptures read us.  There will be times we are convicted, need to repent, and make changes as we seek to apply the truth of scripture to our lives.

As we read through the book of Acts we need to ask the question:  Is this scripture descriptive or prescriptive?  The answer to that question determines how we handle and apply the scripture to our lives.

For instance at the end of Acts 1, the Apostles are looking to replace the leadership gap left by Judas, who betrayed Jesus.  They are looking for a new leader who has been with them from the time of Jesus baptism all the way until his Ascension. They have two candidates who are qualified, they know these guys, and love them both, but are having a hard time making a decision.  So they cast lots to make the decision.  Basically, casting lots is kind of like rolling dice, trusting that God is sovereign over how the dice lands.

So here is the question: Is Acts 1:21-26 descriptive or prescriptive? Is this scripture describing what happened historically or does this mean we should cast lots or roll the dice to find leaders in the church?  The answer to the question matters!

By the way, it is descriptive!

I found the blogpost “A Command or Explanation?” written by Hunter Hall on the Village Church Blog to be a great resource. Check it out!

Join me in reading through Acts as we study it together!

I am praying Ephesians 3:14-21 for you as we take this journey together!

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