Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Honor Your Pastor


The other day I wrote a blog post expressing my gratitude to Redemption Church for the way they honored my family (if you missed it, you can read that here).  I am not sure who decided that October is “Pastor Appreciation Month”, but it is a great opportunity to show your Pastor and his family a little love and encouragement.

Rather then recreating the wheel, here are Five Reasons To Appreciate Your Lead Pastor written by Greg Baird that is hosted on

  1. Because your Pastor is placed in his leadership role by none other than God Himself. This alone should cause us to step back and appreciate the position.
  2. Because your Pastor carries burdens that you know nothing about.Trust me, you don’t know the half of it! Aside from wearing far more hats than he should, he also carries burdens of the congregation that most of us know nothing about.
  3. Because your Pastor has many of the same struggles that you have at work, at home, in relationships, financially, and so on. The difference is that there are very, very few people that your pastor can go to just to share these struggles.
  4. Because your Pastor hears far more criticism and complaining (usually unfiltered) than he does encouragement and appreciation.Like any of us, Pastors need to hear the good more than the bad, but that’s rarely the case.
  5. Because your Pastor needs to know his team is with him. Whether you are a staff member or not, giving your support through appreciation is critical to your Pastor.

There is still time. Don’t miss the opportunity! Take a few minutes this Sunday and show your Pastor and his family a little love and encouragement. Sure, it will take some time, a little coordination, and will cost a few dollars; but the reality is it is investment in your Pastor and his family.  A little bit of love and encouragement goes a long way!

P.S. – Here is a list of “What NOT to Get Your Pastor“.


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